Lipidol Ultra

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Get more bang for your buck! Lipidol Ultra is a premium source of Lysophospholipids, that allow you to add a new functionality to improve the profitability of your animal feeds.

Animal feed costs are increasing rapidly due to high raw material prices. Are you looking for a way to reduce feed ingredient costs and improve the profitability of your animal feed? Add a new functionality to your diets with Lipidol Ultra! This scientifically proven ingredient will give you more bang for your buck. Lipidol Ultra is a well-defined and guaranteed source of Lysophospholipids (LPL). Every batch is analysed and contains a guaranteed level of active ingredients.

Lipidol Ultra has been extensively researched worldwide, and owns > 20 peer-reviewed publications specific for this product. In recent years, multiple R&D projects have been done at renowned research institutes in Northwestern Europe, such as Schothorst Feed Research and Poultry Research & Innovation Centre.

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